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We have once again heard some great feedback from runners and wanted to share with everyone…


My wife and I traveled up from Florida for the race….she for the half and I ran the full.  Just wanted to say it was a great race with a very challenging course.  We both PR’d and both appreciate all the hard work by everyone involved.
– James


Thank you for a great run in NH on Saturday. NH was my 33rd state and I would put Bristol in the top tier of the 50 plus courses I have run. Beautiful scenery and wonderful support from your volunteers. As a traveler heading back to the airport after the run, it was great to be able to get a shower in at the school….those on the plane next to me I am sure appreciated it even more!
– Austin


Also let me say thank you for one awesome run. You and your team did an outstanding job of organization and the emphasis on safety was truly appreciated. I have run several lake looping courses advertised as scenic but New Found was the first one to deliver. The lake was visible and up close so much of the time it truly was the star of the show.  Again Dan, you have my sincere appreciation for a race well run.
Peace, Kevin


I just wanted to thank you for such a great race. I love it more than Boston, the runners are so supportive of each other, the volunteers are so friendly and the course is tough but beautiful even on a cloudy day.   This race has such a special place in my heart, it brings together people who are just there to run and enjoy the course and is a really smooth operation.  Thank you so much for putting together this race that reminds why I do this to myself every year.
– Michelle


Hello Dan,
I want to thank you, your staff and volunteers for a great running experience at the NH Half Marathon. Originally from Vermont, my husband and I now live in Arkansas and wanted to return to New England for a visit with relatives and friends. I convinced my brother to join me in the event.
We wish you continued success with this event in the future.


Dear Mike & Kendra,

Thank you for directing a fantastic kids marathon last Saturday.  This was the first year that our kids participated.  We loved the idea of the logs before the race.  We also were so impressed at how organized the race was, even down to the warm up jog and stretching before it started.  Thank you all for the work you put into such a fun event.  The kids are looking forward to participating again next year.  Thanks!  Cynthia

  • These thank you notes included hand-drawn pictures from these kids too!
    • Thank you for setting up the kids marathon!  It was really fun!  I loved it!  Sincerely, Stephen
    • Thank you!  From Isaac (age 6)
    • Thank you!!  Thank you for making the kid race happen.  (I got 17th place!)  Love, Meta


To:  Wendy Williams & Midstate Health,

Thank you for sponsoring the NH Kids’ Marathon.  My children participated for the 1st time and it was such a fantastic experience for them.  We were so impressed at how well organized the race was and at the gift bags and shirts the kids received.  Thank you so much for helping make the race possible.  My kids can’t wait to participate again next year.  Peter & Cynthia

  • These thank you notes included hand-drawn pictures from these kids too!
    • Thank you for sponsoring the kids marathon!  Sincerely, Stephen
    • Thank you for sponsoring the race! (I got 17th place!) Sincerely, Meta
    • Thank you, Isaac


We loved our time in New Hampshire! The thing I love the most is how friendly and nice the people are. It is a beautiful course with challenging hills. I made it back in time for a slice of pizza and some chocolate milk thanks to the final two miles being downhill. The road being open to cars is only drawback, but drivers were courteous. The back half along the lake is beautiful. A few boats went by creating a wake that crashed along the shore. It reminded me of my childhood days spent at the lake in California! – Stacy


The scenery was amazing and the people super supportive. We had a great time!!! – Marissa

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