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Fun 25th Anniversary Facts!

Over the past 24 years close to 12,000 participants have run in one of our events.

You have helped us raise and donate over $245,000 to the three youth organizations.

We share a 25th Anniversary with the Circle Program one of our three youth organizations that benefit from the race.

Our first marathon we had 38 male finishers and 7 female finishers.  The fastest male 2:41 and the fastest female 3:12. Our oldest male marathoner was 66 years young and female was 58. The youngest was a 17 year old male.

In 2016 we had 115 male finishers and 83 female finishers. The fastest male had a time of 2:48 and the fastest female 3:21. Our oldest male marathoner was 80 years young and our youngest was a 16 year old female!

The average age of 2016’s marathoners was 44.

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